100 more swimming drills : improve your technique, become a by Blythe Lucero

By Blythe Lucero

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Drill work involves performing a routine or exercise that emphasizes correct technique through repetition, exaggeration, contrast and/or example. Drills often require the swimmer to perform only a part of a swimming stroke in order to focus on a specific skill or movement. Through practice, the drill becomes more natural for the swimmer to perform. Only at that point, can the swimmer expect it to “rub off” on their regular swimming stroke. WORKING WITH DRILLS You will see quantitative change and qualitative change when working with drills.

Step 3: Begin to snap your same side shoulder and hip forward in an alternating fashion, about once per second rhythmically. Still keeping your head and feet still, feel your arms start to swing as a result of the moveFigure 4: The Power Zone ments of your Power Zone. Step 4: In the pool, try swimming freestyle using your Power Zone to initiate the arm stroke. 13 11:19 100 drills water, and your left shoulder and hip as you left arm enters the water. Establish a rhythm and try to feel that your arm stroke initiates from the movement of your Power Zone.

Cannot twist or bend. Snap to the left then to the right in a unified action. Control each movement. Practice more. 13 11:19 100 more swimming drills KICK DRILLS The flutter kick has the potential of adding significant power to the freestyle stroke. It also can use up a great deal of energy due to the amount of oxygen consumption required by the large muscles of the legs. Therefore developing an efficient flutter kick is essential in order to use your energy resources effectively. Learning to kick well should be a main priority for a better freestyle stroke.

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