1000 Things You Should Know About Modern History by John Farndon

By John Farndon

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How Long or How Wide?: A Measuring Guide

Brian Cleary and Brian Gable carry their trademark humorousness to the topic of measuring size. A rhyming textual content full of humorous examples explains how one can use and evaluate metric and U. S. prevalent devices of size. Readers also are brought to the instruments they should degree length--rulers, metersticks, and extra.

Surviving the Hindenburg

On may possibly 6, 1937, the large German airship the Hindenburg was once destroyed via hearth because it tried to land at Lakehurst Naval Base in New Jersey. Of the ninety three humans on board, a outstanding sixty two survived, together with Werner Franz, the ship's 14-year-old cabin boy. In Surviving the Hindenburg, author Larry Verstraete recounts younger Werner's tale of the airship's ultimate voyage.

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22% of households own video recorders'. 22% and the percentage would be a better representation of the original figure if it was written as 'about 22%' or even as 'about 20%' . 25 em in length. Given that the first batch is estimated to be the correct length, what is the: (i) absolute error between the two batches, (ii) relative error between the two batches? 75 em, is it likely that both batches can be used? 75 em. 3 The population of a town is 250 000 to the nearest 1000, and the birth rate is 12 per thousand to the nearest whole number.

20 Explain the difference between stratified sample design and quota sample design. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each method with particular reference to the work of a market research department. 21 You work as a marketing assistant for Goldcare, an international company which sells luxury cars. Your marketing manager asks you to: (a) Write brief notes on the different methods of sampling which could be used by Goldcare. (b) Design a multistage sample survey showing each step of the process which would help the company improve its customer services.

Per hour and 30 km. per hour, the ratio of speeds to one another is 60 : 30 or 2 : 1. 12 Proportions A proportion is the amount a part of a unit makes up of the whole. For example: If a meal costs £10 and A pays £5, B pays £3 and C pays £2, then the proportion A has paid is 50% of the total cost. Many calculations are based on simple proportions: For example: if a stay at a hotel costs £112 for 7 days, how much will it cost for 15 days at the same rate? ;. 7), 15 days = £240 (£16 X 15). 13 Elementary algebra Algebra is a method of investigating the properties of numbers using general symbols.

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