2006-0606.IEEE 802.16e WiMAX OFDMA Signal Measurements and

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Three types of tracking are available: Amplitude, Phase, and Timing. Selection of tracking parameters is accomplished on the Advanced tab of the OFDMA Demodulation Properties dialog box (after clearing the box for Use Default Settings), as shown in Figure 23. Amplitude tracking (default for the 89600 VSA is Track Amplitude Off for downlink signals and On for uplink signals). A common type of signal impairment is varying signal amplitude during a subframe. Signal changes such as variable subcarrier occupancy and modulation type over different data bursts can cause RF and microwave circuits to change temperature and gain during a subframe.

For burst signals, you can either let the analyzer automatically detect the modulation format, or force it to use the modulation formats described in the burst definitions. Note that the analyzer will attempt to use these definitions whether they are correct or not. Basic Digital Demodulation (continued) To correctly view this uniform signal, however, we need to turn off Data Burst Analysis. As before, the Zone Definition tab on the OFDMA Demodulation Properties dialog box is the place to deactivate Data Burst Analysis.

Map files can save very complicated OFDMA frame analysis zone definitions, which make them a time-saving and accurate method to repeat a measurement. Also, map files are ideal for recreating the identical measurement made by other users. 31 Basic Digital Demodulation (continued) Next, select the Zone Definition tab of the Demodulation Properties dialog box. The default Zone Definition Grid map is shown at the bottom of this tab; only the FCH data burst has been defined. Other data bursts could be defined manually (this will be discussed in a later section of this note), but for this measurement we will use a zone definition map file that has already been constructed for this recording.

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