3D Video. From Capture to Diffusion by Laurent Lucas, Céline Loscos, Yannick Rémion

By Laurent Lucas, Céline Loscos, Yannick Rémion

While 3D imaginative and prescient has existed for a few years, using 3D cameras and video-based modeling by way of the movie has caused an explosion of curiosity for 3D acquisition know-how, 3D content material and 3D monitors. As such, 3D video has turn into one of many new know-how tendencies of this century.

The chapters during this booklet disguise a wide spectrum of parts attached to 3D video, that are awarded either theoretically and technologically, whereas bearing in mind either physiological and perceptual facets. Stepping clear of conventional 3D imaginative and prescient, the authors, all at present inquisitive about those parts, give you the beneficial components for knowing the underlying computer-based technology of those applied sciences. they give thought to purposes and views formerly unexplored as a result of technological limitations.

This ebook publications the reader during the construction means of 3D movies; from acquisition, via facts remedy and illustration, to 3D diffusion. different types of digital camera platforms are...

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Library of Congress Control Number: 2013947317 British Library Cataloguing-in-Publication Data A CIP record for this book is available from the British Library ISBN: 978-1-84821-507-8 Foreword The concept of giving 3D sense to flat representations (drawings, paintings, photos and films) has been progressively and deliberately re-examined and considered since the beginning of time. The rock paintings of Altamira (Spain) and Font-de-Gaume (France), for example, provide a fascinating example of the muscular systems of large herbivores.

6(a)). In 1878, he developed the zoopraxiscope which displayed the successive images stored on a disk. In 1882, the French scientist Jules Marey [MAN 99] developed the photographic gun and then in the same year invented “chronophotography” in order to capture the movement of animals and humans. In contrast to Muybridge’s system, chronophotography involves a device with a single objective, fitted with a rotating shutter, which captures a series of movements through superposition on a single piece of film.

In both cases, problems of perceived depth distortions are examined. 10. Fusion and disparity in retinal images. Disparity accounts for the fact that an image is projected onto different places on the two retinas. 4. 3D computer vision As an algorithmic representation of human vision, computer vision or artificial vision, is a discipline whose theoretical basis was first proposed during the 1960s. This processing paradigm of visual information generally operates according to two axes: ascending, related to changing sensory information into an abstract representation using a series of 3D primitives, for example, or descending, when it relates to verifying the primitives taken from the image from a series of known objects.

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