A dictionary of phonetics and phonology by Trask, Robert Lawrence

By Trask, Robert Lawrence

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A graph recording an individual's ability to hear pure tones of varying frequencies, used to test for and to characterize hearing loss. 1:):di'Dl~d3il n. The study of hearing and hearing disorders, including diagnosis and treatment. A practitioner is an audiologist. audiology 1:):di'Dm~tril n. The measurement of hearing and hearing loss. The instrument used is an audiometer 1:):dI'DmIt~/. audiometry audition 1:):'dIft:t1 n. 1. The act of hearing sounds. 2. The sense of hearing. audition coloree lodisj5 koloRel n.

3. 11. or adj. [rare] (of a segment) Articulated in a position which is further back than alveolar but further forward than palato-alveolar. 4. n. or adj. [obsolete] A former synonym for palato-alveolar. NOTE: TI1C last two senses alveolo-palatal should be avoided. lrelvi~u'prel~t~ll n. or adj. 1. [rare] A cover term including both palato-alveolar and alveolo-palatal. 2. See palatoalveolar. NOTE: This second usc, while not rare. is ohjectionahle. alveopalatal /'rembldlpend~nsi/n. In Dependency Phonology.

The relation between two elements which are connected by a unidirectional path in a metrical tree or a similar representation. arboreal connectedness arboreal framework l'frelmW3:kl n. (also arboreal structure) See metrical tree. arc lo:kl n. A directed line in a graph in any of various types of phonological representations but most familiarly in those used in Dependency Phonology. archi- lo:kll A prefix sometimes used in coining convenient labels for particular archiphonemes. For example, a segment representing the neutralization of three nasal phonemes might be called an 'archinasal'.

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