A grammar of Mian, a Papuan language of New Guinea by Olcher Sebastian Fedden.

By Olcher Sebastian Fedden.

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Depending on the contents and size of the oven, the food has to be cooked between half an hour and half a day. A speciality of the local cuisine is ‘Mianmin pizza’ (ěim). The umbel-shaped fruits of the pandanus palm (which come in red, orange, and yellow, with considerable difference in their appearance but only slight variation in taste, at least to my palate) are cut open lengthways and the hard interior is removed. The seeds are put in bowls and cooked together with peeled taro tubers in a leaf oven.

3 Regular phonological processes for consonants Subsets of oral stops are prone to processes of final devoicing, aspiration, intervocalic lenition, and coarticulation with a following alveolar nasal. The alveolar nasal /n/ is subject to homorganic nasal assimilation. 1 Final devoicing Final devoicing applies exclusively to /b/ as it is the only voiced stop which occurs syllable-finally. 2 Aspiration The voiceless stops /t/ and /k/ and the voiceless allophone [p] of the bilabial stop /b/ are always aspirated before vowels and diphthongs and normally aspirated word-finally in connected speech.

It occurs at the beginning of words and wordmedially, but is always in syllable-initial position. Because of this, there is no final devoicing for /g/. Word-initially, /g/ is realized as a pre-nasalized stop [ŋg]. • /kʷ/ is a voiceless labialized velar stop. It only occurs syllable-initially and is pronounced [kʷ]. Orthographically, it is rendered . • /gʷ/ is a voiced labialized velar stop. It only occurs syllable-initially and is pronounced [gʷ]. The spelling is . Word-initially, /g/ is realized as a prenasalized stop [ŋgʷ].

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